Program Office Management

For the last decade, the IT PMO revolution has been quietly brewing within savvy IT organizations. Within the last few years, the processes, techniques and organization structure of the PMO revolution have hit critical mass, and become new “best practices” for IT organizations world wide. Pacific West Partner’s team members have been involved in the development, implantation and refinement of PMO’s in a big way for the past decade.

Paul Reed P.M.P. has implemented PMO’s for both Quovera and Alphasoft Services, as well as assisted Charles Schwab Institutional in the development of their internal PMO methodologies and best practices. Additionally, The PWP team has interfaced on various enterprise projects within the PMO’s of 3Com, SCIF, Wells Fargo, Santa Fe Pacific Gold, and others.

Some key steps to developing a PMO in your organization include the following:

  • Enterprise awareness and commitment to the implementation and development of an effective PMO organization
  • Establishing a PMO team or group within the enterprise. This includes dedicated management and practitioner resources.
  • Development of an PMO Charter, PMO Processes, PMO Role definitions, annual budget, etc.
  • A PMO organizational rollout process including kickoff meetings with organizational stakeholders and management
  • Investment in appropriate tools, such as methodologies, document management / workflow tools, etc.
  • Regular PMO management steering committee meetings and PMO involvement and review in ongoing IT projects

Paul Reed P.M.P. leads PWP’s team of experienced PMO experts. Feel free to contact him at if you have any additional questions about PMO’s or the benefits of developing or improving a PMO within your organization.