Product-Centric Agile Operating Model

Most organizations are in the process of adopting Agile values and principles in order to improve their business results, customer centricity, time-to-market and ability to adapt to rapidly changing market needs.  

At some point in an organization’s Agile journey it typically becomes clear that to fully enable business agility and obtain many critical Agile process benefits, there are significant cultural and structural organizational elements that must evolve and change. 

Understanding and adopting the Agile Product Operating Model is at the core of enterprises’ ability to move from an “inside out” operating model/view to an “outside-in” customer and product-centric operating model/view.  

Our tailored Product Model adoption approach will assess your organization’s current strategic goals/objectives, operating strengths and challenges, Agile adoption maturity, and other relevant factors.

Armed with this information, we will work with your Executive leadership and teams to define the new product operating model and then pilot and scale it across your organization to help you accomplish critical business and product enablement outcomes and results.  

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