Agile Product Management

Pacific West Partners’ Agile Product Management methodology refines the traditional structure of Product Management with the proven benefits of Agile Practices and Methods :

Product Management Wheel
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Increased Productivity and Creativity
  • Improved Project Visibility
  • Higher Team Morale and Ownership

This synthesis delivers a systematic approach to the product life cycle, instilling the principles of iterative development and continuous improvement into product vision, development, release and analysis.

Companies with existing Product Management teams inject new life into their process with the implementation of APM. Organizations new to the discipline of Product Management have the extra advantage of implementing the latest methodology and quickly experiencing the benefits of the Agile approach.

PWP’s Product Management System includes Coaching, Consulting, and Training.

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Agile Product Management Training

If your Product Management organization wants to increase its agility and refine its approach or you’re looking to establish an effective new Product Management team, Pacific West Partners’ Agile Product Management Training presents a comprehensive overview of Agile Product Management and provides attendees with detailed steps for implementing this process in their project or organization.

At the conclusion of the Agile Product Management Workshop/Class/Program, you’ll:

  • Understand Agile & Lean values and practices
  • Recognize how Agile will improve your product management process
  • Understand your customer – methods, customer feedback, CSAT, etc.
  • Develop a compelling product vision by aligning customer needs with business objectives
  • Design a business case and prioritized backlog aligned with business drivers
  • Know how to establish Key Performance Indicators, tracking metrics/reporting, and make data-driven decision
  • Determine next steps for your organization in adopting Agile Product Management

Agile Product Management Consulting

Whether or not your company or project uses traditional Product management practices, Pacific West Partners’ Agile Product Management Consulting will provide a detailed analysis of the current state of your Product Management organization and recommend a cost-effective, customized and actionable plan for the future.

PWP Product Management assessment is tailored to meet your specific requirements and can include detailed assessment and recommendations in:

  • current state and future state business process and recommendations for modifications
  • existing product management methods, roles and responsibilities
  • customer engagement and touchpoints
  • data-driven analytics and decision making
  • time-to-market development cycles

Agile Product Management Coaching

To align your initiatives for rapid success, consider embedding a seasoned PWP Agile Product Management professional within your organization. We’ll intensively coach your team in living and breathing Agile Product Management principles and applying them to existing and new product management efforts. Your team’s immersion in Agile will give your project the jumpstart it needs.

This isn’t our first rodeo! PWP consultants have extensive experience embedding with teams onsite to provide intensive coaching in implementing Agile Product Management. See the results we delivered for Ricoh and Sears.