Wells Fargo Case Study

The Challenge

Wells Fargo had a home-grown Mid tier credit scoring engine in production that was developed with Oracle 7 and PL/SQL. It was 20,000 lines of undocumented PL/SQL packages and an RDBMS schema of 50 tables without referential integrity features such as unique primary keys, foreign keys, etc.

Our Approach

Using the RUP framework in Phase 1, Gary Bartow (architect / technical lead), Paul Reed (Program Manager), Michael Swertfager (PM / Business analyst), a team of Oracle developers, and credit scoring experts perform the following:

  • reverse-engineered the production application
  • creating technical documentation including an object model and sequence diagrams (Rational Rose) E-R diagram
  • performed a full lifecycle RUP requirments and design definition engagement to understand the business rules and technical design of the application.

Phase 2 The same team of both client and consulting resources:

Developed business, architecture and other technical requirements for the next generation replacement for the exiting Mid Tier Lending credit scoring application.

  • Validated requirements with stakeholders and sponsors throughout Wells Fargo.
  • Identified industry leading rules engine products
  • Met with vendor personal to understand their offerings
  • Developed a short list of vendors for a request for proposal submission process
  • Scored vendor RFP responses
  • Selected the leading vendor

Phase 3 Retired the home grown Mid Tier credit and scoring engine with a J2EE based rules engine

The Results

Wells Fargo was able to accomplish all 3 phases within budget, in less than 14 months.