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Welcome to Paul Reed’s Agile Software Development and Project Management methodology blog!

Hello, and welcome to Paul Reed’s Software Development and Project Management methodology blog! (What, there are not enough of these available already)

In the upcoming weeks and months, I will be offering commentary, insights and hopefully providing a little humor and stress relief associated with the world of Enterprise IT management (oxymoron?) and agile software application development methodology.

What is true is that after almost 30 years of continuous employment within our field, I have performed most of the job roles within IT and IT consulting, made all of the common mistakes that a person typically makes (and a few uncommon ones too!), and worked  with about 50 companies across north America, Europe and Asia!

At the best I will offer real world insights and analysis into complex issues and problems associated with agile project management and Scrum software development methodology.  At the least I can let you know a few great places to check out when you are working in Des Moines, London, Ft Lauderdale, Reno, Charleston, Hyderabad or Montreal.

Also, please feel free to let me know when I am in your opinion way off base,  full of it, or particularly insightful!

Thank you, cheers and warm regards,

Paul Reed, PMP, CSM, CSP