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Agile By Design

Agile Solutions.

When it comes to technical projects, we have been there, done that and seen the trends come and go. Our combined decades of experience on hundreds of projects using every conceivable methodology has led us to becoming

Agile Aficionados.

We’ve seen how Agile works to help teams accomplish breakthroughs on delivery time, product quality, creativity and team cohesion. Now,

We’re on a mission to help you optimize your software projects, programs and products through training, coaching and applying Agile Principles and Practices.

Let Pacific West Partners help you deliver great results with our Training, Consulting, Coaching and Product Management Services, all served up with the secret sauce we call

Agile By Design.

PWP's Agile Adoption Assessment

Scaled Agile Framework ConsultantAgile Assessment and Implementation Services

Whether your company is attempting to implement an Agile / Scrum software development framework for the first time, or you want to simply improve and refine your current Agile / Scrum practices, our team has the proven expertise and tools to lead and facilitate your success.

Our team is made up certified and seasoned Scaled Agile Framework SAFe Program Consultants, Scrum Masters and Scrum Practitioners. We will not just map out your company’s Agile or Scaled Agile Framework adoption strategy and plan, but we will work with you and mentor your team on an ongoing basis to be sure the adoption and socialization process is successful.

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Business Agility Practice: Leveraging Agile to Drive Innovation Beyond IT

Agile principles and methods are no longer restricted to IT organizations and teams. Having proven its success over decades, the effective broader application and adoption of Agile principles and methods throughout entire organizations is now driving rapid innovation, efficiencies and improved customer outcomes in leading companies way beyond IT.

PWP can work with your Executive leadership and teams to leverage Lean Flow Agility principles and practices to better design your organization’s workflow, roles and systems around customer-oriented outcomes and products/services.

Our staff has assisted large, complex organizations across multiple industries with business agility adoption programs in their product management, marketing, finance/accounting, auditing operations, and manufacturing functions and teams.

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SAFe™ Consulting and Training

As Agile product development and operations move into the mainstream for large, complex organizations worldwide, Agile scaling frameworks that enable businesses to scale Agile methods and practices across their entire organization are becoming more and more critical and prevalent.

PWP has many years of experience helping organizations adopt and scale their Agile capabilities with the Scaled Agile Framework Our experienced and has SAFe Program Consultants (SPC’s) are certified to train and guide organizations through the entire SAFe planning and adoption process, to achieve their goals and objectives.

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